Types of Psychic Readings

psychic readingsThere are different types of psychic readings available to you. Before you make a choice, it is important that you know these types so that you make an informed decision. Psychic readings are categorized into two groups: Structured and unstructured. We will look at both groups in details to understand and discover their differences.

Structured psychic readings

A structured psychic reading involves use of divination tools including the following: Tarot cards (bumps, lines, markings on the head, palms and other body parts), rune stones, tea leaves, numbers, I-Ching coins and astrology birth charts.

These and other tools are used to give answers and information about your relationships, career and even your past, present and future life events. It is important to note that not all people who perform these readings are true psychic mediums even though they may be extremely knowledgeable and accurate. There are many courses also which can be used to learn different divinations. If you want to accomplish a more in-depth reading, have it from a person who has true psychic abilities.

Unstructured psychic readings

The psychic medium in an unstructured psychic reading relies on his or her psychic gifts. They reveal information regarding your relationships, emotions and feelings. They can also connect with people who play vital roles in your life and those ones who have passed too. You need to have some specific question or issues of the past, present or future that you require to be solved.

This type of mediumship is also known as evidential psychic mediumship and is the highest form known of psychic mediumship. It provides you with specific names and details that only you or a close family member would know. Some psychic mediums are able to read the thoughts of animals and even connect with animals that have passed. Only a true psychic medium can give an accurate unstructured reading.

Some psychic abilities are associated with unstructured psychic readings, such as that of a spiritual/psychic healer. A psychic healer views a person through his (psychic’s) mind’s eye. They look at peoples’ energies with respect to their physical organs, auras, chakras and overall health. They are able to sense where your energy needs to be unblocked using one or several guides and divine power. Since these guides and divine power that assist the psychic healer are in the spiritual world, they aid in obtaining high consciousness and ability.

This helps the psychic to accelerate healing and also re-balance your free-flowing energy. Many individuals have been healed by psychic healers without use of conventional medicine. The individuals only need to believe and they get healed. Some of the documented results from such healing are miraculous and astounding.

Before settling on a psychic, ask questions about his/her abilities before the reading. Trust your gut instincts and avoid looking desperate as there are people who claim to be accurate psychics but are out there to take advantage of people who show signs of desperation. Lastly, it is good to know that the experiences of psychic readings differ – some are entertaining while others are comforting.

Liveperson Psychics Review

livepersonLive Person has been online since 1995 and offers phone, chat and email advice in a variety of areas including counseling, business and technology. Its psychic section comes under the banner of ‘Spirituality’ and here you will find literally thousands of psychics offering readings of any type you can imagine.

Chat readings are logged securely so you can refer to them time and time again if you want to. Psychics on Live Person come from all over the world, so, if you’re not a native English speaker you may find a psychic that speaks and types your language.

Types of reading

Because Live Person is such a large site featuring many psychics, it offers an extensive list of reading categories. You can choose from astrology, Kabbalah, tarot, numerology and palm readings and there are psychics specializing in love and relationships, careers, financial outlook and much, much more.

When we checked in, there were 116 pages, featuring ten psychics per page to browse through, so, that’s a lot of choice but some people may find the amount of profiles overwhelming. All psychics have their own, customized profile page where they detail their abilities, their qualifications and the methods they use in their readings.

Screening Process

The screening process for Live Person is questionable; it’s easy enough to find the page where you can sign up as an “expert”, but no information is given about how psychics are vetted before they appear on the website. The sheer volume of psychics offering their services on the website makes you wonder if there is any screening process at all.

When using Live Person it is best to check through the profiles of the psychics online thoroughly, to see if they ring true, and to check their client feedback. The huge number of psychics working from the site means that there you can probably find some excellent psychics but that you’ll also find some truly terrible ones.

Live Person offers a feedback system where customers can leave their views on the reading they received. Many readers have over 5000 reviews and some over 10,000, which offer reassurance that there are some very good psychics working from this site. There’s also a useful pop-up feature that lets you read each psychic’s feedback without having to visit his or her profile page.

Website impressions

Live Person is easy enough to use and once you sign up, making contact with your chose psychic is straightforward. Signing up also gives you access to your own control panel where you can read previous chat logs, send messages and check to see which psychics are online.

There are a lot of psychics to choose from, and sorting through their profiles could be time consuming if you’re not sure about what you want from your reading. The ‘Help’ section is useful and clearly laid out, making it easy to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Prices and Special Offers

The first 3 minutes for chat readings only are free. Psychics set their own rates with prices ranging from $1.99 per minute to $19.99. Live Person also has special offers running from time to time; when we checked the offer was for 25% off a voice session (not chat or email) of $50, this offer was only available to customers in the US and Canada.


There are clearly some excellent psychics working from Live Person; many have a large number of positive reviews and recommendations. The site contains a lot of profiles and there is a lot to read if you’re trying to narrow down your search for a psychic. Prices vary from low to very high; some of the highest rates for psychic chat and phone sessions can be found here, so you need check prices carefully to avoid a costly session.

The chat feature seems popular, but a slow typist could add unwanted expense to your final payment total. If you have the time to read through the various psychic profiles, there’s a good chance you’ll find the right psychic for you, but be aware that many of the top-rated psychics charge a considerable amount per minute. The vetting processes for Live Person is unclear and the large volume of psychics working from this site makes you wonder if just about anyone can set themselves up on Live Person as a psychic “expert”.

Hollywood Psychics Review

hollywood psychicsDespite being named after the glamorous city, Hollywood Psychics has nothing to do with Hollywood at all. In fact, they are based out of Pennsylvania. They offer a range of psychic services and contact options.

What Type of Psychic Readings Are Available?

Hollywood Psychics offer a variety of types of psychic readings. When you first open your account with Hollywood Psychics, you can get an e-mail reading at no charge. You also have the option of getting a psychic reading via telephone and online chat. You can get a personalized horoscope, astrology reading, dream interpretation and much more.

How It Works

There are only four steps to getting a psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics, making it a quick and easy process. First, you need to either log into your account or create your free account. The account can be set up online or over the phone.

Once that has been done, you’ll need to peruse through the various psychics available to find the one you would like to do business with. Make sure to find the one that best matches what you are looking for.

The next step is deciding how long you want to spend on your reading and adding that amount of time (or more) to your account. Since there are no hidden costs or additional fees, the money you put into your spending account is how much you can use on readings. You can add time online or via telephone.

Last but not least, you’ll start an online chat or phone call with your chosen psychic. The call or chat will last for the amount of time that you have paid for.

Customer Complaints

Most of the previous customers say that several of the psychic readers are fake, arrogant, rude, and completely inaccurate. Those that have attempted to get their money back from their psychic reading were only refunded a few minutes of their call instead of the entirety of the reading.

Pricing and Special Promos

New members get their first psychic reading for only $1 per minute. In addition, new members will receive three free minutes once they follow through with their first reading. After that, the rate actually depends on the psychic that you choose to do your reading.

Everyone wants to save money when they can, and with Hollywood Psychics, you can save money from the moment you sign up and add time to your account. When you purchase a special time package, you’ll gain extra (free) minutes. Some offers require a promo code while others simply require you to add time to your account in order to receive your free bonus minutes.

Membership Perks

By signing up for the Membership Perks program, you can earn five bonus minutes for every 10 readings that you receive each month. Readings are required to be at least 10 minutes long and the maximum bonus minutes that can be earned is 15 minutes each month. No rollover of minutes.

Psychic Screening Process

There is an “Apply Now” link at the bottom of the homepage where psychics can apply to become part of the Hollywood Psychics Network. They offer a decent screening process, as one must go through several different interviews prior to being selected to be part of the network. Generally, after submitting the application, the applicant will have to give one of the Hollywood Psychics’ team members a reading. If the applicant passes this test, another reading is set up with one of the current psychics.

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of people that have not had a pleasant experience with Hollywood Psychics, there are also plenty that have. It would be a wise decision to sift through the psychics, find the ones that appeal to you and search online to find out which ones have proven to be helpful to previous customers in the past. With a good screening process, affordable prices and plenty of psychics to choose from, Hollywood Psychics is one of the best.